Who is JazzNicole?

Who is Jazz Nicole? My name is Jasmin Nicole. I reside in Southwest Georgia, and have been here almost all of my life.  I was born in Twenty nine Palms, California while my father was serving in the Marines Corps. I can only remember being in California when I was a toddler then my family and I moved to Georgia. I am the fourth child of my mother’s five and my father’s ten. Whoa! That’s a lot of siblings. I have in all 3 brothers and 7 sisters. I’m really close to my siblings from mother only because we’re in close proximity of each other. My other siblings are in Minnesota with my father, and I also have a sister in California and Texas. Yeah we’re a little all over the place. I can’t wait to see everyone this summer when we meet in the Bahamas!!! 😁😊 Not only am I a sister and daughter, I am also a mother. I have 3 amazing, smart, busy, and growing boys. My boys are all 5 years apart (how ironic huh?) They are 11, 6, and 1. These boys are the
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