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Who is JazzNicole?

Who is Jazz Nicole?

My name is Jasmin Nicole. I reside in Southwest Georgia, and have been here almost all of my life. 

I was born in Twenty nine Palms, California while my father was serving in the Marines Corps.
I can only remember being in California when I was a toddler then my family and I moved to Georgia.
I am the fourth child of my mother’s five and my father’s ten. Whoa! That’s a lot of siblings.
I have in all 3 brothers and 7 sisters. I’m really close to my siblings from mother only
because we’re in close proximity of each other. My other siblings are in Minnesota with my father,
and I also have a sister in California and Texas. Yeah we’re a little all over the place.
I can’t wait to see everyone this summer when we meet in the Bahamas!!! 😁😊
Not only am I a sister and daughter, I am also a mother. I have 3 amazing, smart, busy, and growing boys.
My boys are all 5 years apart (how ironic huh?) They are 11, 6, and 1.
These boys are the highlight of my days. They each have different personalities and cease
to amaze me. You’ll hear a lot about them as you read my blogs.
I am a stay at home mom. I have been for about 4 years, and I absolutely love it 😊.
I do work from home and I’ll share that information in a separate article.
If you’re interested in working from home make sure you follow me. I have tons of legit companies I can recommend.

Outside of working and spending time with my family I enjoy reading, shopping,
playing in my makeup, and improving my skincare.
I’m such an introvert so most of my hobbies are in the comfort of my home.
I live for the day and take in all that it brings, rather it’s good or bad each day
is a new beginning. Welcome to Jazz Nicole Blogs.